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Alive and pissed of at morons on a moral crusade

*stares at wank*
Oh dear god, I'll never catch up with my flist now.
But one thing I know for sure is that I certainly won't edit my interests just to feel safe. (And now that I've had a look at them, wow, my interests are annoyingly pg-rated anyway. I shall have to change that.)
I've read and liked fic that contains incest, death, rape, underaged sex, torture, killing sprees and even clowns. And I will continue to do so. If someone wants to report or delete me for that, they're free to do so (it's embarassing how long I had to search for this repetition that keept jarring me while reading through this entry) more than welcome.

And I really feel sorry for the abuse team for having to deal with this shit right now.

Tags: fandom
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