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Real children don't go hoppity-skip unless they are on drugs

I want to make clear that I am not scared about my journal being reported/suspended/whatever. Above everything else, I'm way to uninteresting to warrant that.
So it's not fear or anger at the abuse team that makes me rant, it's the justification in this news post

What I am is pissed off at being told that suspension/deletion of accounts is necessary for the sake of the children. And being told that I'm supposed to understand that special care needs to be taken to protect the children.
You know what? I do not particularly like children. That's not to say I hate all children, and I get along well enough with individual children, but on a whole? Children are really not important to me and I'm happy when they are somewhere that's not near me.

Telling me something is done to protect the children? Results in a big "Why should I care?"*
I don't think because something is done for the children it's automatically good and using it in that patronizing "Come now, we all want only the best for children, don't we?" way only raises my hackles.

And really, asking me to please understand that some sacrifices have to be made for the illusion that children are now safer because paedophiles can not find each other on LJ any more? Excuse me while I laugh myself silly.
Do not even get me started on the protection of innocence. I subscribe to the Terry Pratchett school of thoughts: "It's nice to hear the voices of little children at play, provided you take care to be far enough away not to hear what they are actually saying".
Children are human and as such just as likely to be little arseholes as everyone else.

* (Despite that I'm also an oldest sister, so looking out for children when there are physical dangers like knives and fire around is second nature to me. It's just the ... well, parenting stuff like getting them to understand that the world is a cruel place and strangers are not to be trusted I leave for the parents. Just so those of you who were just planning on keeping your kids far, far away from me, can relax ;)

Also, incest isn't even illegal, is it? It's the child molestation part of those cases that is. *grumblemumblebitch*
EDIT: Oh ok, apparently it is in some places(§ 173 StGB in Germany) it's just nearly never applied because there are not that many cases and no one *cares*)

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