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Still thinking about OotP - no spoiler this time - but confused thoughts

I still don't know what to think about the book. When I'm asked I say I liked it, but how much of this is still the excitement of a new book I don't know.

While I read it I liked it, but for me to not like a book I'm reading it has to be truly abysmal.
When I finished I thought some scenes at the beginning a little forced and in the last part to big/rushed/chaotic. I don't know how much of this is a result of the time when I read it - after more than ten hours of non stop reading my perception isn't the best.
I doesn't help that I'm so easily influenced by the opinion of others if they use intelligent sounding words.

So, I've not decided what I think. I'll read what everyone is saying for the next week, reread the book (when I get it back) more carefully and hope that I'll then be able to decide where to place it on my HP scale.

I had a whole day with nothing to do today - tomorrow starts my one week intensive work in the large animal surgical department and I won't be spamming my LJ with silly problems like this again.
More likely that I'll go on and on how nervous I get when helping to treat an animal with an insurance of more than a million €.

[Edit:Huh, to tired to think clearly, but post anyway. Not a good idea. I'm easily frustrated when I hadn't enough sleep.]

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