Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

One of the problems with multiple journals,...

I was so sure I wrote an entry here, only to realize I used the German journal instead.

So, what did I get up to since the last cryptic entry? (Which was made just after finding out I'd got gifted a perm-account for being generally awesome for helping out with the schools directory and translation.)

  • I got a cat. Everyone who has ever met me may laugh now. I am the furthest you can get from being a cat person, but I *do* work in a small animal clinic and thus ended up with Toad somehow.
    She has to live in a rabbit pen for a few weeks because of an radius/ulna fracture that landed her in the clinic in the first place. She is not happy with that fact. She is quite vocal about that. Hence the name.
  • I have agreed to go on a camping trip with colleagues, because my colleagues are mostly nice and you can only be antisocial so often before they stop asking you. Seeing how I spend nearly every waking hour at the clinic, I'd better stay friendly with them.
    Only problem? The weekend we're going is the 21./22. of July.
    I foresee me staying in Berlin until 1:01, buying DH at the Hugendubel up the street, driving up to the Baltic Sea coast afterward and speed-reading the book before everyone wakes up.
  • I've had one of my regular "Argh! Why do I work here again?" fits. This time prompted not only be the bosses being their usual asshole-selves, but by the one secretary that is responsible for processing our ... invoices (? I have no idea how to call it. None of us Doktoranden have a contract. We charge the clinic for the emergency shifts we're doing every month - the only things we get payed for, not to be confused with the 45+ hours we spend in the clinic every week for free) is on vacation, which means no money this month because no one else can process them and they have to be turned in before the 13th to be processed in that month.
  • I rearranged most of my furniture. Just because I felt like it.
  • I started getting a grip on the paperwork on my desk, the TV-Shows I have to burn for kriski and schools. I still feel like I'm covered by a huge pile of MUST.DO.NOW. stuff, but I think I may have worked my head free and can at least breathe somewhat easier.
    This is mostly achieved by simply blocking out the stuff I have not yet started on. (Do not mention that none of the really important stuff is on my started-on-it!-list. Denial of this fact keeps my happy)
  • I've been listening to the weirdest combination of music. Mando Diao, Queen, Pink and Mika of all things. I've always claimed that I have no discernable taste in music. I like to see this as ultimate proof of that fact.

Also, I have chocolate cake. Life could be much worse.

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