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I gave in an started reading DH early. It might be fake, but it kept me busy

CAVE: I've read the allegedly leaked (carpet) copy of DH. When I say spoiler, I mean it.

I guess 'spoilers for DH' does cover it. In a way. Because if it turns out I didn't spent a day reading a particularly well made fanfic, this is probably going to be full of spoilers. Incoherent spoilers most likely, but still...

In the tradition of first read throughs of HP-Books, I'm going to do an reaction post. Only this time without the time-stamps because reading the photos takes much longer than reading a book ever would. Also, the page numbers are in the worst part of the photos, recognizing them is too difficult.

  • Any book that starts with Snape should be a good book. I'm easily satisfied.
  • Tonks married Lupin? I don't know what to think about that.
  • Ohhhh. Killing the Muggle Studies teacher. Nice.
  • Wohoooo. Harry realizes that maybe healing should have been taught.
  • And this is how you pack a proper trunk.
  • :o Dumbledore's father killed Muggles!
  • I like the backstory for Dumbledore.
  • And I see she still didn't officially state Dumbledore's house at Hogwarts.
  • Whatever Petunia wanted to say, I'm guessing on it being important later on.
  • I somehow doubt Harry has been calling Privet Drive 'home' at any point.
  • I'm sure Harry also tastes a lot better than Crabbe and Goyle. *winkwinknudgenudge*
  • Who wants to bet Mundungus-Harry is going to get caught?
  • Killing Hedwig? EVIL.
  • Now. That's quite some fight for just the fourth chapter.
  • I know Snape told them. But I'm still going to be pissed if he turns out evil.
  • Do *not* give me any cosy Harry/Ginny if you know what's good for you. I don't much care for it and I want action right now.
  • Dead count on the side with names right now: Hedwig and Moody.
  • O.o Hermione doesn't do things by halves, does she? Australia?
  • Ok, Ron *and* Hermione really thought about this. Cool. Thinking. Fancy new idea.
  • Gregorovitch was the other wandmaker, was he not?
  • I think I read a fanfic with a book similiar to that one once. Only it was a lot more explicit.
  • That razor clearly can be used for kinky purposes. And Fleur knows it as well as we do.
  • *grumblemumble* Nothing against H/G in particular, I just don't like shipping in my canon, all right?
  • Is Lupin just not happy with Harry being trusting like James or is there more behind his unhappieness?
  • ... Patronuses *speak*?
  • Deluminator. Is that the same thing as a Put-Outer?
  • You don't like his *attitude*? He is a teenager. Attitude is something he has in excess.
  • Did I mention that I don't like weddings? Does the wedding have to be in full detail? Doesn't she know the book has to be written in the way I want it to?
  • Ohhh. Grindelwalds sign?
  • And more Dumbledore backstory. This time a bit more dogy. Me like.
  • Oh fuck. Good timing there Voldemort.
  • Oh, so he knows Sirius' death wasn't Snape's fault alone?
  • And here I went to bed, because less chance of spoilers means I can take my time.

  • Lily Potter wrote letters. Amazing.
  • Grrr. Argh. Give me some information, not only these half-facts
  • Oh right. Hermione in 'understanding and supportive' is still annoying me.
  • Finally, they've figured out who RAB is. Took them long enough.
  • Come on. Can't you give us mad Snape-Fangirls a few crumbs? Put him in the Quidditch picture?
  • Argh. Calling Kreacher has to be a bad idea, no matter how much information they'll get out of it.
  • And finally our three heroes are on the same page regarding the locket Fandom has been on since about ten minutes after the last book.
  • Only page 200 and V's ministry has started on the Muggle-borns aleady? This doesn't bode well.
  • Also, researching your ancestry to make sure you're 'pure'? There were times when these parallels were a lot more subtle.
  • Oh Ron. You've taken a look at the Greeks, have you? Cousins?
  • Lupin showdown. Nice. And he regretts marrying Tonks? Fandom will love that.
  • Ok, Harry? Protecting your own kid vs. protecting the world the child will grow up in? I know you never had a family, but other people have much more sensible prioritis.
  • Umbridge? Please no. I detest that woman so much. (Not helped by the recent movie. These Notverordnungen still scare me/piss me off as much as they did when I first read the book.)
  • HEADMASTER? I love the git (What? I'll stand by the Dumbledores Man explanation 'till the bitter end), but that's not Good©.
  • (Kreachers personality transplant scares me a bit)
  • Thinking of the portraits? I love it when they use their brain.
  • Using their brains and actually planing before acting? I might faint.
  • Ahhh. There we have the usual brainlessness again. As if H and Ron couldn't tell his scar's troubeling him.
  • Voldemort in Germany? Stay far away from me, please.
  • With the guy so adamant on going to work and not wearing his usual robes, something is going to mess with their plan for sure.
  • Flushing themselves down the toilet? I love that idea.
  • Oh great. Monumental art and ostentatious catchphrases. Nothing like that to make you feel the goodwill of the ministry.
  • Moody's Eye? Umbridge is *really* creepy-
  • Undesirable Number One? Don't let it get to your head, Harry.
  • Tea. The answer to anything.
  • That snitch didn't give instructions how to open the locket, did it? That would be a bit too far fetched. Right?
  • Handsome young men with golden... One on the photo of Dumbledore, one with Gregorovitch. I can't help but notice that the description is also the complete opposite of Snape (of course this is wishful thinking. I don't care).
  • Sword in a Snitch anyone?
  • It had to be Ron that cracked first. Fits very well with GoF.
  • I don't think this is going to end at all well. Don't go upstairs with her, Harry!
  • Nice, now the wand is history too. Let's see what else we can take away from him, ok?
  • Oh boy. Dumbledore. I wonder how she's going to resolve all this.
  • And please let that be something Harry learns. People can change. You don't have to like them afterward or even trust them but They. Can. Change.
  • A doe. Who could have a doe Patronus. And if we're talking long lost sisters, I'm out of here.
  • Daring nerve. Foolishness. Whatever. I've always wanted to do Winterschwimmen myself.
  • Oh gods, "She is like a sister" The Harmionans are going to scream murder.
  • Now saying his name is really dangerous? That's a nice touch.
  • Ok, even I, Snape apologist that I am, can't imagine his Patronus being a doe. Sad, really.
  • The Room of Requirement full of things. This is supposed to jog your memory Harry. Surely there is something in there...
  • Important questions: a) Does Voldemort know about the DH? Probably yes, because he's searching some wand, and b) What have the DH to do with the Horcruxes?
  • I don't know if an obsessed Harry is a good thing or not.
  • Really smooth codename, Remus.
  • That old guy is Grindelwald? Come on, I want to know!
  • Showdown in Malfoy Manor. Squee.
  • O.o Being forced to strangle himself? Cruel.
  • She killed Dobby?!
  • Having to leave for work in the middle of the battle at Malfoy Manor provides a fascinating break of the mood that mirrors Harrys switch from obsessed to focused. It's a weird experience.
  • Did they really put all the Horcruxes into one safe? It can't be that easy can it?
  • Harry choosing not to act *is* enormous.
  • Harry as a godfather. If this were a movie I'd be sure he'd die soon.
  • Oh how many slashfics are going to quote that "not my type" line? Nearly as much as the "your boyfriend" one from OotP I guess.
  • I did think that the only way they were getting away with the sword still in their hands was to kill Griphook. I think I might be right now.
  • Ok. No dead Griphool. But a very alive dragon. Much more impressive.
  • Oh, it's really Nagini? How boring.
  • Ah. NOW they meet Aberforht, yes?
  • Neville Longbottom guerilla leader.
  • Oh come on. Give the Slytherins a bit of credit.
  • Ginny, light up. Jealousy isn't the answer to anything.
  • McGonnagal is still my hero.
  • My bet is on the Grey Lady knowing where the damned crown is.
  • If I weren't so hung up on Snape proving that he's a good guy, I would love that duel much more I think.
  • Percy, my dear boy, couldn't you have at least have a *purpose* in your gitness?
  • Also, Tonks is at home looking after the kid? Toghether with her mother? Excuse me while I lose all respect for her. As if one person wasn't enough to look after an infant. And she's a trained auror. Pathetic.
  • I repeat, give the Slytheris a bit of credit. No one?
  • Ghostly Soap Opera DRAMA! Imagine having to be a ghost in the same place as the guy who murdered you and then killed himself. Fun times I think
  • Any more anvils? What secret room had Tom discovered and two seconds later there is Hagrid? Think, Harry.
  • Oh well, maybe not. But can Hermione and Ron at least be trying to get into the CoS to get more basilisc venom? Just so one of my predictions turns out true?
  • HAH!
  • Good woman, Tonks. Not as good as Neville's Grandma though *g*.
  • "Is this the monent?" Heh
  • Deathlist part XXV: Fred Weasley; Vincent Crabbe
  • I get a feeling Draco might actually survive this thing. Too bad I can't say the same about the Slytherin I actually care about.
  • Hagrid killed by one of his beasties would have a certain poetic justice I guess.
  • Deathlist continued: Remus and Tonks. Bad for their kid I guess, but that's war for you and at least they *used* everyone trained for it.
  • Well, that was quite predictable as backstories go.
  • I can not yet believe she is going there. But if she really kills Harry, I might forgive her for Snape.
  • I can not get over the fact that *Snape*'s Patronus is a doe.
  • Now we only have to fit the DH in the whole thing. Harry's got the Cloak and hopefully the Stone and will be killed by the Wand. I wonder how that's going to play out... (this was actually written before Harry left the Headmaster's room. Just in case I forget.)
  • See? Lupins arguments are the same as mine.
  • Oh. Hagrid is alive. Probably irrelevant, but good to know for the deathlist.
  • I'm not good with symbolism. What *was* that creepy thing under the chair? Something to do with Voldie for sure, but HUH?
  • Harry, no matter how much you love Ginny. Could you kill Voldemort first?
  • I think I missed something there. When did Draco disarm Dumbledore? Oh why don't I have a searchable copy of HBP? Ah. Page 545 HBP UK hardcover.
  • Voldemort killed by his own rebounding curse. Nice one. No AK on Harry's conscience.
  • I want a Snape portrait at the very last. He was Headmaster, after all.
  • The thing is, what about practice duels. If you're defeated in one of those, does your wand change alliance then as well? I feel this is going to be one of those "Oh dear, maths" things.
  • And the epilogue, while somewhat cute, I could have lived without. OBHWF is much too saccharine for my tastes.
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