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Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

What did I do this week? Apart from working? Oh, nothing...

Except on Monday evening I caved and got a copy of the allegedly leaked DH (carpet version - that name makes me laugh every time). It took me until now to read it, mainly because dear gods, reading some of these photos was *hard*. My traditional first-read-through reaction post is here but will stay private until Saturday. Should it turn out fake, I'll still turn it public just to publically show I've been fooled on second thought, it's lj-cut and spoiler warned. It can be public. Plus, I need it to check on facts when I'm not at home and logged in.
No spoilers from me either until the book is out. But I liked it. The epilogue was entirely too much for me but otherwise I liked it.

If what I read really turns out to be a fake, I have the deepest respect for the faker. Because that's such a lot of work, it boggles the mind that anyone would put that much work into creating a five-day hoax.

And no, I don't feel bad for having read this. JKR certainly will get my money and if I can in any way arrange it, I will be at the midnight release. (One of the main reasons for reading this beforehand were that I don't know for sure if I can make it. And no way am I going to wait until Monday without reading *something*.)
I don't intend to spoil anyone and enjoyed reading.
Does anything else matter?

Tags: fandom, hp
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