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I haven't posted this much since 2005 I think

More (carpet) DH spoilers. And lists were made for stuff like this.

  • I noticed yesterday that the last 230 pages only cover 24 about hours. After that day, I'd be dead on my feet too.
  • I really, really dislike the epilogue. Ending it on the trio standing in the headmasters office would have been perfect. The epilogue is not only terribly saccharine, but also ties everything up much to neatly for my tastes.
    Of course ending on the first scene, would have resulted in endless "What happens afterward" requests, so I'm going to pretend JKR only wrote the epilogue to be able to say "Look, I *told* you what happened to nearly everyone". For the non-fandom crowd, that short glimpse in a happy future will probably be enough.
  • While I love Snape, I'll be the first to admit that there isn't anything rational about my Snape-love. Trying to look at his death objectively, I think it's actually pretty fitting. Snape was a petty man and while he was also brave and cunning and wonderfully sarcastic and clever (and ... I think you get the idea) his death happening for petty reasons: "You're in my way. Sorry, you'll have to die" instead of after a big duel after the grand exposal of his true loyalties just fits.
  • I liked the randomness of Lupin and Tonk's death. Off-page, no big reason, just because there's a war going on and people will die. Even young parents.
  • I also didn't feel that the bloodbath was too much or at all unexpected.
  • The whole Snape-Loved-Lilly plot bored me. Probably because it was one of the most predicted plot-points. Also, I don't care for unrequited love as such a major driving force. I don't think it a very believable reason in most stories. Of course, Snape being the petty man that holds grudges for years he was, it works.
  • Everyone throwing around unforgivables didn't disturb me overly much. I thought the Imperius at Gringots was a bit unbelievable - as was the 'Ron speaking enough parseltounge to open the CoS because he heard Harry do it' - and I think both are instances where JKR just couldn't be bothered to think up another way to achieve what she needed done to advance with the plot.

And this is why reading the book before the rest of the world is good for me. I can form opinions without being influenced by people who are much more articulate and better at plucking books apart than I am.

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