Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

I like my porn. I don't like it being taken away. But I don't like trolling either.

I come back from a weekend in the Harz (entry to follow) to find out fandom exploded again.

I've got it easy, I'm about as creative as a brick and my involvement in fandom is very passive, but for the record:
I read porn. Some of this porn involves underaged characters. I look at drawings and photomanips of the same. I will continue to do so. I also will continue to know the difference between fiction and reality. (Also, though this should not matter, I will continue to read/look at this stuff for other reasons than finding underaged characters exciting.)

I don't think LJ/6A's actions are guided by wanting to prosecute fandom. I think this probably sums up their reasoning pretty well. I don't know if the laws she cites are completely correct, but I don't think it matters for the argument.
Would I wish for LJ/6A to take a stand and allow all content? I do. Can I understand why they don't? Oh yes.
Would nice and clear guidelines on what's allowed be nice? Sure. Do I think they are as easy to give as people seem to think? No.
Do I think that friends-lock and common sense should help to avoid lots of problems? Yes. Will I kick myself really hard if this turns out to be wrong? Most likely.

Since I'm very territorial about my screen-name, I've long ago name squatted it on most of the LJ-clone sites. But for the moment, I'm very likely to stay here.
Now, back to the flist and my photos.

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