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It's not so much a failure to communicate but not knowing *what* to communicate.

J. (the flatmate) is pissed at me because she took the job as a substitute vet in a small practice for two weeks on the provision that I was going to be there, helping her. And because of the way the clinic is set up an the extreme unhelpfulness of a few of my colleagues, promising me to switch shifts and then not doing so, I couldn't help her today and can't tomorrow.
I have the whole next week off, so next week won't be a problem, but today and tomorrow she was/is on her own.
It's her first time working as a vet on her own since the board exams more than a year ago. She knows all her stuff, but is just nervous. I get this. But I also can't tell my boss "I can't, I'm busy tomorrow" when he tells me I'm to be responsible for the anaesthesia during the thoracotomy tomorrow (giving the sad state of our anaesthesia department - which is shameful for an university clinic - I'm normally jumping on any chance to improve it anyway, but a direct order is even harder to ignore).
And she is freaked out by a few mishaps that happened today and I'm the one to take the blame for that. Which I don't mind. But I also don't know how to react. So I just don't, but sit and listen to her rant when she comes out of her room to do so.

As a show of my total failure in personal interaction, the only thing I could think of to apologize was to buy food I know she likes and stick it in the fridge with post it notes on it. Oh. And I think I said "I'm sorry" at some point.
Otherwise I intend to just weather it out.
Does this count as another point of failure of acting like a proper female yet?

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