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Niemand hat die Absicht eine Mauer zu errichten.

Since I'm quietly obsessed with history and It's one of the days where it's allowed to be maudlin.
Driving through Berlin always is an interesting experience (apart from the fact that *no one here knows how to drive*, I mean). You get used to seeing solitary bits of wall standing around and don't really think about what the double row of cobblestones means. It's what you do, in cities where nearly every second building has some historic significance. Otherwise you'd just spent the whole time thinking about history and not getting anything done. (Of course I'm probably giving the general population to much credit. Did I mention that I'm getting more cynical every day?)
It's just on days like this that you realize, that for a long time my life, (Born in Frankfurt, grew up around there as well, went to uni in Leipzig, live in Berlin (Steglitz) now and, for this week at last, work in Berlin (Pankow)) was not something that happened every day.

46 years doesn't seem all that long ago. But then, neither does 18.

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