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Accomplished over the weekend: Filing. Laundry. FList catch-up. Survive plague.

Dear self,

your life isn't like juggling. When juggling you have a very narrow window in which to catch the object and restart it. If you miss the window, things are going to collide in mid-air. Or, you have to do the picking-balls-up-with-your-fee-while-still-keeping-the-rest-in-the-air thing - a trick you never managed to learn, if I may remind you.

Plate spinning is a much more accurate description of your life. You've got everything up there on the poles, spinning away, and only need to give each object just enough attention at just the right time.

It also has the potential to look truly spectacular when it fails.

It would be great if you would keep that in mind for the future.

P.S. You also overthink metaphors

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