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Two weeks since the last entry and it feels like 2 days.
My life has been busybusybusy since I came here, but right now, it's on an upswing from that. The move in addition to Prof Blub asking me why I haven't even turned in an introduction, let alone the literary review part of my dissertation, makes for busybusybusy2 times.

The move has become necessary because J.'s boything has been retransferred to Berlin and the tree of us are currently living in a two room flat. Just to act contrary to popular expectation, all of us are going to move together. Into a three-and-a-half room flat. Once I finish my dissertation (HarHar) or decide I've spent enough time in the hell that's the clinic (for those who haven't noticed, I love the job and the colleagues, but would happily kill the bosses if given the chance), I'll move out and the two will have a nicely sized flat. This hopefully will work out in such a way that I'll move out at about the time J. finishes with her dissertation and joins the gainfully employed masses, and splitting the rent between two people no longer overtaxes a postgrad's account.

So, in between trying to put together a somewhat coherent literatry review on intraoperative hypothermia and packing my belongings into boxes (and since most of my belongings are books, this makes for heavy boxes), I've been painting my room, giving a kitchen a makover and generally been running around like a headless chicken.

But for my work I have pictures to show.
There is stucco on my ceiling. There is also lime coloured paint on my walls and dirt on the floor. The last of these points was changed shortly after the fotos were taken.

And why is Dunkin' Donuts (sadly, the only place to get a chocolate fix on a Sunday evening. If your definition of 'evening' doesn't go beyond 20:00) so expensive? For 5 € I could get a pretty good cake at the pastry shop next door (if only it were open).
I need to retrain my body not to crave chocolate after hard work.

Tags: daily life, diss, diy, major going ons, move, picspam
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