Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Another entry that's really just a random collection of thoughts.

Sweet internet, never leave me again.
Sadly, it's only as long as I'm at my parents', because the big T still has not flipped the switch to connect the new flat instead of the old flat.
But I'm using the time I have catching up on my flist. It's important to have priorities.

  • As usual visiting my family is a chaotic experience.
    Starting with the weird tasks I get to do every time I arrive here - replace the cable on a few reels and attach banana plugs to the ends? - the random, inexplicable questions - Why am I supposed to know where the glass-engraving stuff is? Do I live here? - and the insane hours everyone in my family keeps - Hi! I'm a morning person born to a family of night-owls - it's just never boring. Never sane either, but I expecting sanity from the family that produced me would be asking for too much.
  • My back hurts. Of course it always does that when I'm here, because it takes longer getting used to the water bed I'm sleeping in here than I normally stay.
  • The Mika concert last week was great. Now, admitting to like his music should be embarrassing, but it's just so bouncy and catchy that I don't care. And that concert was just so ... fun. Really. It's the best word to describe it. That much bouncing and smiling on stage can't be healthy.
  • The Stupid Crush continues to be annoying, mainly because it offends my sense of self that just seeing him makes my day brighter. Also, continuously reminding myself of the rules of social interaction and human decency, like not being allowed to molest people just because one thinks them utterly droolworthy, is something I could do without.
    But since I apparently don't get a say in the matter, I'll have to deal with it as long as it takes to fade and make as much fun of myself as possible while sitting it out.
    After all, making fun of yourself makes nearly everything better.
  • I think I convinced my mother to go to the Taunus Therme tomorrow. Thermal baths and saunas. Lovely.
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