Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Godot would probably be here sooner

Still no Internet. Or phone. And, thanks to my notebook dying on me as well about two weeks ago, no using the wireless at work or at a café to have a short look at the flist either.
Some days I hate the world quite a lot .

Otherwise, things are pretty much as they always are with me these days, I'm

  • working on the Diss (another thing that's not easy to do without internet)
  • slaving away and complaining about it at work
  • crushing on the Stupid Crush and berating myself for it
  • distracting myself from the fact that I'm still at work at nearly midnight though my shift ended four hours ago, by coming up with new gerunds

And just when I wanted to post this entry, LJ decided to stop working yesterday. Clearly, Murphy was an optimist

Tags: whinewhinewhine
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