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New Year. I hope it'll be a good one.

There are 11 people in this flat right now, two dogs and a cat. And I am the only one of them that is awake. (Ok, I think I saw one of the dogs twitch earlier).
Following my tradition of not doing much at NYE, I went to bed yesterday at 9, slept until Midnight, did the requisite phone-calls and then slept until the flatmates and the guests came back from the Brandenburg Gate. Then it was talking, Bleigießen, food and just general hanging around until about 3, when the flatmates decided to go to bed. The guests decided that bed wasn't as exiting an idea as playing Singstar for a few hours. And I decided that with over ten people wanting a use of the bathroom this morning maybe taking a shower in the middle of the night would be a good idea.
All in all, not the most traditional of NYE setups but it was fun.

As can probably be seen by the verboseness of the previous paragraph, my sort-of new-years-resolution is to use my LJ more. Because my memory is a fickle thing and my life is speeding by me at the moment and if I don't try to preserve at least the fleeting impression and titits I tend to write about here, I'll hit 30 soon and have no idea how that happened.

Since I haven't written a proper entry in hell-knows how long and I seem to remember at least one person (maybe hammond?) commenting on how they still feel like a stalker reading my journal, I've decided to do a bit of a combination of the "Random facts about me"-meme and an introduction-post.

So, behind the cut, you'll find sense and nonsense about the person known as ridicully. Which cut? This cut.

I'm Alex a.k.a. Ridicully. I'm 27 years old and, despite frequently being mistaken for male on the internet (and, when I was younger, in person too), a woman from Germany.

  • I'm a qualified veterinarian/vétérinaire/veterinary surgeon/vet/Tierarzt (I can rant for about an hour on the confusion that is caused by the different naming traditions of the degree). This would allow me to put a sign on my door saying "vet here, will treat/x-ray/operate/sonographically examine/do-pretty-much-anything-to animals for money" if I had the money, equipment and inclination to do so.
  • I'm working on gaining a doctorate by research. Because I am a moron, what I'm doing is clinical research a.k.a. "What, you call that research?"
  • I could live on a diet of dips and baguette. I love fondue and barbecues for providing me with the opportunity to do so for a meal.
  • To make working - or procrastinating while I should be working - on my dissertation more difficult possible, I'm working at the hospital for small animals of the Uni in Berlin. I describe my job position as 'unpaid workslave' because that's what I am. We work 8 to (theoretically) 4, practically anything between 5 and 8, get glared at if we dare to take 15 minutes to get food for lunch and, well, don't get paid for that. What we get paid for is working the emergency shifts, during which we're solely responsible for any sick animal walking into the door. Which are quite a lot, because people don't seem to be able to understand that the concept of 'life-threatening emergency' normally doesn't cover dogs that have been limping for two weeks and cats that have been vomiting occasionally for two months.
  • I'm the oldest of three sisters. I usually refer to them as Sister1 (the one with the Stupid Boyfriend) and Sister2 here.
  • I can bitch and complain about my job, our work-conditions and the bosses for ages. Nonetheless, I love my job.
  • I've had a Stupid Crush (note the capital letters of woe) on one of my colleagues for months now. Knowing myself and my predisposition to be endlessly loyal, I'll probably still moon about him and moan about this in five years time.
  • I don't interact much in comments. Mostly, because I'm not good at talking about anything relevant. I can babble for ages, but having any kind of meaningful conversation with me is nearly impossible.
  • I'm convinced that any of my hypothetical offspring will be mutants, because any given list of teratogenic agents reads pretty much like a list of stuff ridicully deals with every day.
  • I'm an introvert. People who have met me in person generally laugh at this claim, because, if you let me, I'll talk your ear off. But, given the choice, I'd much rather sit in a corner and observe the others.
  • I want to walk the West Highland Way in 2009. Just because I want to plan for a vacation, and I'm pretty sure I'll not find the time this year.
  • Even though I have a cat, no one would ever describe me as a cat person. Dogs are much more my thing.
  • I hate having to ask for help for myself. This is obvious in common things like refusing to ask for directions, but I also take it to ridiculous extremes like not asking our nurses for help in holding a dog down, something, they are paid to do, even if it's trying to bite my head of. If I wanted to analyze this further, I'm pretty sure it boils down to not wanting to make a nuisance of myself, because I'm convinced people only suffer me because they are too polite not to.
  • The last item clashes with my believe that I'm the best thing since sliced bread, but I've never claimed to be rational in my neuroses.
  • My hands are full of scars and, generally, at least one fresh scratch. This is due to a combination of natural clumsiness and a job that makes me deal not only with needles and glass phials, but also animals with sharp teeth and claws.
  • Nearly all my clothes are black, not because I'm particularly goth-y but because I can't color-coordinate.
  • I share a flat with J (with whom I went to Uni in Leipzig) and her boything.
  • I'm an atheist. This has never been relevant to my life, in fact I think I never saw it necessary to mention it at all, until I met USians on the internet. Make of that what you will
  • My first name is actually Alexandra, but no one but my family calls me that. I'm just more of an Alex.
  • I want to get back to playing the Saxophone more often (or, at all) this year.
  • I haven't had hair in my natural haircolour since I was 16. It's mostly been varying nuances of red, but right now it's black with red tips.
  • Despite being an introvert, I'm an expansive person. I talk loudly and use big gestures.
  • When I realize I'm afraid of something, I force myself to do it as often as possible.
  • Outside very specific circumstances (which I shan't expand on, in case I violate my journal's rating) I very rarely touch people. I'm so good at projecting this, that even people who hug nearly everyone merely shake my hand. Even my best friends and sisters think twice about hugging me on my birthday. I don't know why I do this.
  • I love to ride my bike. I also love to climb and to do Tae-kwon-do. I love pretty much any physical activity that's not running. I don't have the time to exercise as much as I want to, due to my job. This makes me pretty twitchy.
  • I have three given names. I try not to mention them in their proper order here, because I try to avoid this LJ coming up on a search for my real name (I have another LJ for that).

Typing this only took about 7 hours, interspaced with breakfast, seeing of the guests, tidying the flat, fearing the ringtone of my mobile and one gastric torsion (I'm on call for surgical emergencies). Now, let's see if I'll keep up with this making more entries thing.

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