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My strategy if I don't have much to say? Babble.

First of all I have to thank all of you who gave me vgifts. Receiving the e-mail informing me of each was a bright spot in the hectic and stressful pre-christmas chaos.

And this seems to be my second entry of the year, not even a week after the first? I'm amazed, maybe this writing more often thing will actually work.

Seeing as how this weekend is the first weekend I've had off since somewhere in early December and I *should* be looking for more articles not only on the subject of my diss, but also on paradox reactions to transdermal fentanyl patches (don't know how I got stuck with more or less a retrospective study on that, but somehow I did), what I'm actually doing is watching SGA and Numb3rs and catching up on my flist. But I also worked on my casebook, so I did at least something that is marginally connected to work. I'm going to count this as a positive thing.

This evening I have the choice between going to some bar with people from work or an evening of playing board-games with the flatmates. Apparently a lot of people have made the resolution to be more social this year.

And now, I'll call kriski, whom I haven't spoken to in over 6 months. I really need to get better at keeping in touch.

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