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Blood and pus and other nice things

The week's finally over. (More or less, whatever possessed me to work the night shift on Sunday?)

Things I learned:

  • The most disgusting sound I know is blood splattering on the ground - real big amounts of blood like a horse with a nosebleed.
  • The only horses I feel comfortable with are the heavy breeds - they mostly don't seem as hysteric as the others
  • People who don't train their horses should at least be clever enough not to wait till a stallion is five years old to castrate him. This crazy horse tried to kill you if you just tried to get its temperature. After it was more than heavily dosed with sedatives, it still took more than four helpers to hold it to inject the anaesthetic.
  • Only the untrained horses seem to develop complications. For example a serom after the castration - crawling around next to the hoofs of a wild horse, trying to stick a needle in it's scrotum does wonders if you're a bit tired (even if you're just watching other people do it).
  • Foals with salmonella, racing horses with broken legs, nice chestnut horses with not so nice abscesses on the chin, herpes induced eye infections, colicky horses,...

Yes, quite an interesting week.

Tomorrow I'll listen to experts talking about antibiotic therapy in birds. I don't really know why I decided to go, but there'll be food even for us students and I may actually learn something.

Monday I'll apply to a job in the pharmacological department - they've got this national database project and got some work for two students.

And if I survive all this I'll ignore the fact that I've got two case reports to write and two tests before the semester is over, that I've volunteered to help in the small animal clinic the first week of the 'holidays' and a three week mandatory work experience in the office of the county vet (even this construct sounds better than the official name Staatliches Amt für Lebensmittelüberwachung, Tierschutz und Veterinärwesen) after that.
I'll instead start planning my short vacation in Britain in August (Thank you Ryanair 35€ flight to and from - even I can afford this).

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