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If I'd I known what a bad influence my colleagues were, I'd joined them much earlier

I went with option a yesterday, an evening out with some people from the clinic. I came back home at 5:30, which is actually the latest I can remember coming home, without staying over, ever.
Now, I don't think I mentioned it in the facts-about-me entry, but I don't drink alcohol at all. I don't like the taste and my grasp of reality is shaky enough when I'm sober. But I don't mind people drinking around me as it provides me with good blackmail material. and am quite happy to be the designated driver.
This made for a fun evening for me. (Of course, the Stupid Crush being there as well put a bit of a damper on my mood, because I needed to reign in the idiotic part of my brain that's forever mooning over him. It got its revenge in my dreams tonight, but as long as I'm not making a fool of myself in public over it I can cope with that.)
I really like watching people and we were a big enough group that I could do so without having to take part in the going ons to entertain the others. I did my part of that on the way from location one to location two because the pavement was covered in ... black ice (? hope this is right, it's what google tells me) an we were sliding toward our goal. Being the easily amused kind of person I am, I was running and slipping all over the place.

Normally, I don't dance (because I do so very, very badly) but after everyone was well after their 8th Cuba Libre and nagging me to dance with them, I reckoned no one would even notice my twitching. Also, the music was not particularly good so nearly everyone made of fool of themselves trying to dance.
Still, dancing is not something that makes an evening particularly fun for me. Watching others dance is much better.

This is one time of being social this month. Next week: A trip to a museum.
(I don't really make resolutions. But I like to count what I'm doing better than last year as long as it lasts).

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