Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

I love my flatmates

I've been really grumpy for the last few days. I try to reign it in at work or anywhere else public, but at home I've been walking around going "grumblemumble. I'm grumpy" (And yes, I do really say things like 'grumblemumble'. Or rather 'grummelmurmelmotz')
Going for a swim yesterday helped a bit - over a 1 km of repetitive motions at least made a good outlet for my pent up energy - as did staying away from other people, even if it meant not going to the weekly pubquiz or talking more than 10 minutes with the colleagues who also went swimming.

Just now the flatmates, who had to deal with grumpy-Alex all week, made me breakfast (Kürbiskernbrötchen with edam, salami and rucola even).

I don't think I can allow myself to stay grumpy after that.

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