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*headdesk* Yes, I'm aware of my social incompetence, thank you very much

The downside of a more active social life than usual (meaning, more active than that of the common woodlouse) is being able to make more of a fool of oneself than usual. Not to say that I normally don't make a fool of myself on a regular basis, but I think I simply shouldn't be allowed to talk about anything but the weather after two or three in the morning,
Sometimes I wish I were able to blame alcohol, but as I don't drink, it's all my own doing.

Luckily I know mostly pretty polite people who just ignore my stupidity as just one of the things uniquely Alex (well, most of the time. When they're not teasing me about it at least)
Still. They shouldn't have to.

Oh well, nothing but cathartic bitching on LJ to be done about it, I know, which I've done now.
Now back to actually trying to get work done.

(P.S. I'm also caught up with my flist for the first time since ... October or so. If I'd devote as much time to my diss as I do to my silly little hobbies, I'd be nearly done by now I think. What good is an OCD when it fixates on the wrong things?)

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