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Time to kick myself in the butt again.

I don't think it is a good sign when re-reading my own LJ makes me fear for my own sanity. I really don't need a nervous breakdown in addition to my social incompetence playing up again.

Plan of action for the next week:

  • Stop just *talking* about getting to the gym, go there and sign up. You need the exercise.
  • Treat the Stupid Crush consistently like a normal person. It's not the poor guy's fault you're a hormonal basket case
  • Start calling the owners for the Fentanyl-study-thingy. You won't get out of it, so you better get it over with.
  • Continue with the chipping away at the continuous projects (schools, translation, tagging/adding/organizing books and photos.
  • Do not think too much about your job, your plans for the future, your love-life or anything at all. Sometimes denial and living on autopilot can be good things.

Get a grip on yourself and stop being such a wuss woman!

Tags: whinewhinewhine
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