November 25th, 2005


A bit of grumbling

I wish people would realize that snow doesn't magically turn off the laws of physics.
Driving carefully is a good thing. But less than 30km/h? Get off the road!

Today was the first of the set of seven final exams.
I should probably care much more that I failed it than I do. But that's the reason I failed in the first place - working up any interest in milk hygiene just seemed like too much work.
No more excuses like that, I don't really want to resit more than one just because I'm so very, very lazy. The fact that the next on the list is food hygiene doesn't bode well for that resolution, though.

And I'm counting the days until I get the dog to my parents'. I love the stupid animal but at the moment he's very annoying and I migh just throw him against a wall if he'd stay.