January 26th, 2008

Har har

Schreibtischwochen my arse. But at least lists still fill me with happieness

My three weeks of freedom are over. I'm afraid to count how many days I actually stayed away from work. I think it were less than five.
Obviously I'm completely mad. And a workaholic, but that's nothing new.

So what did I *do* in that time?

  • Trying my best to compile most of the data on any dog that walked out of the clinic with a transdermal fentanyl patch in the last two years
  • Occasionally designating a patient a test subject and collecting lots of data from them too. (Expected time to finish with my doctorate at this pace: too long)
  • Being amused how my attempts at randomizing by throwing a coin all came out with the same result for a whole week
  • Failing to get a photograph of Bob the cute piglet that came in on M's shift. (No, I don't work in a mixed clinic. Pigs are definitely *not* our usual clientele.)
  • Being shocked at Heath Ledgers death. I don't know why that hit me so hard, I've never been a proper fan or anything. Maybe because Actors of my generation are not supposed to die yet? Or because I've unconsciously picked those people likely to die soon and he wasn't on the list? Whatever it was, it was a very strange thing.
  • Going to Leipzig for two days. I was amazed how much at home I still felt there.
  • Apparently failing to take Project 2008 seriously. But how could I? It's a sort of bet between some colleagues to at least find one guy to snog every month if we can't find anything else. Opinions on this are divided in the clinic. I actually don't care very much, after all I know myself and am all about realistic expectations. If I find even one guy to show any interest in me in a year I'm lucky. So, definitely not taking it seriously. But not condemning any of the others. We'll see what dramas will spring from this as the year progresses.

And now I'm going back again, to finish up collecting everything for the study I need, be there if anything surgical comes in and later help M.
Wohoo. My life is full of excitement.