Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Twittering the day away:

Yesterday I was...
  • 07:17 On facebook: Alexandra thinks it's high time for sleep.
  • 07:17 On facebook: Alexandra feels quite lucky that she does not need all that much sleep.
  • 11:17 On facebook: Alexandra is starting to be weirded out by having nothing to do at work.
  • 20:48 On facebook: Alexandra has been to the gym and now needs to work on the diss. Expect the updating frenzy of procrast..
  • 21:35 I might be putting too much thought into organizing my carpooling alliances. Better than relationship-woes I guess.
  • 22:50 On facebook: Alexandra is not going to pick up Endnote's gauntlet. That way lies madness. And, much worse, ineffecti..
  • 00:18 On facebook: Alexandra wants her five hours of sleep *now*.

Via LoudTwitter
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