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Not twitter, but one of the dreaded entries about cats

My cat is a really stupid animal, as most cats (and incidentally dogs too) are in my opinion. But she can be really entertaining all the same.
Since I've put her on a diet, bad owner that I am, she's started to get the packages of food (additionally to her regular pack, I have about two million samplers from Hill's and Royal Canin. One of the advantages of my line of work) from the shelf and open them for herself. So I've put all the packages into the pantry, where the cat normally shouldn't be able to get to them.
Yesterday I found a maimed sampler on the floor in my room and thought I'd overlooked it while putting them away.
Just now I hear a noise in the kitchen and, upon investigation, find the toad neatly carrying one of the samplers in the direction of my room.

I guess in a way it's cute that she knows where food is supposed to go.
On the other hand, she managed to pick the one sampler with the exact same food that's already in her bowl and that she does not really want to eat right now.

Obviously, being my cat isn't easy.

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