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Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Twittering the day away...

Yesterday's random thoughts:
  • 09:35 FB: Alex would really like to get her hands on a Theremin one day.
  • 10:56 Had to be reminded that she wants to get her hands *near* a Theremin one day (And to think I so love nitpicking myself *g*)
  • 12:07 FB: Alex wants her life to stop being this: xkcd.com/58/.
  • 15:07 FB: Alex is sure there is equation to figure out the relative contentment factor from the spaminess.
  • 17:07 FB: Alex *not* crying at the Torchwood season finale. But barely, they know how to play the viewers, that's sure.
  • 17:07 FB: Alex will move on to the newest BSG and later today Dr. Who now. Procrastination at its finest.
  • 18:36 FB: Alex comes from a family of lunatics. And doesn't mind it one bit.
  • 21:07 FB: Alex isn't slowly going crazy waiting for the Dr. Who torrents to go up, not at all, no sir.
  • 23:37 FB: Alex has watched Starship Troopers to shorten the wait for the download to finish and is now struggling with the concept ..
  • 00:39 FB: Alex is happy that the Doctor is back. Yes, tv is that serious business to me.

Via LoudTwitter from my twitter account
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