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Staffies are not to be used as weapons *or* shields

Anyone reading my twitterings and wondering why the sudden hate for people running amok and the press this is the reason.
People, please don't stab dogs in the chest during my shift, ok? Not stabbing them is generally a good idea in my opinion, but doing so during my shift means not only do I have to care for the dog - which is my job and I'm ok with doing - but also deal with the press who can't decide which spin to put on these news.
(For the record, the dog has a lovely character and since the owner still hasn't payed for an old bill of his with us, I'm completely in favor of painting both in a good light so people take pity in them and donate money for the treatment this time. Because if perforating thoracic wounds that manage to puncture the liver as well are one thing besides unhealthy? It's expensive.)
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