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I'm officially dead...

... or at least I feel like it.

After my shift yesterday, during which I had a major clash with Prof. Bitch (which is kind of stressing on it's own, without having to deal with patient's owners in between, let me tell you), we were called in two times for a c-section.
So, not only did I have the understandable bit of trouble getting to sleep after the fight, no, first at 1 and then at 4 the phone rings to tell me I have to get up, in the car, to the clinic and into the theatre in less than 20 minutes.
Three hours of sleep do not make for an relaxed and alert Alex.
Additionally, today was a relatively busy day at work too. No, the boss wants to start on the THR/TEP tomorrow at 6. (And I'd better be there to take my measurements, because if one of the bosses is pissed at you, you'd better do anything to make the other happy. Seeing me working on my diss will hopefully manage to make me stay on his good side for a while longer.)

If any surgical emergency comes in tonight, I'm screwed.

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