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I hate writing CV's

16 years! SIXTEEN YEARS!

I've been in some kind of educational institution for 16 consecutive years now.

I still have two more years to go.

And I'm seriously considering staying after this for degree?

(Time for a little reality check: Dr. vet. med. may sound fancy, but first you should think about how you to pass your exams, next where to get the money from and after this how you're supposed to handle a thesis if you can't even manage to write a case report without shortening it too much.)

I could have tried to become a teacher like Christina - her final exams are this year if I'm not mistaken. I could also have decided to work in a bank - all my classmates who did this had their tests last year.

So what, if I've no real interest in these things - this is a rant, I don't want to be rational.

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