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I don't think I've complained about Prof. Bitch lately. This needs to be rectified.

That woman will be found dead one day and the only reason my alibi doesn't need to be perfectly airtight when that happens is that *there is no one at the clinic who doesn't have a compelling motive*.

One of the reasons for that is that she has to make sure if she's in a bad mood, that everyone else is suffering as well.

For example, today I was told of for having been uppity during my shift on Saturday. What did I do? I sedated a cat to have a look if there was a bit of grass stuck in the back of its throat. Apparently I was supposed to wait until regular clinic hours to have a proper endoscopy done.
Now, first of all, I'm insulted on a personal level because I am the only person our clinic has in the way of an anaesthesiologist. And while I'm certainly far from perfect, I think it's well inside my abilities to give a light sedation to an otherwise healthy cat, thank you very much.
The second, and much more important point is, that a colleague of mine got told off just a few month ago for *failing* to sedate a cat with the exact same problem and instead choosing to wait until regular clinic hours for a proper endoscopy.
And no, that's not because there has been any new evidence that this course of action would be better, but just because Prof. Bitch felt like telling people off today. Colleague M got his because he dared to send a dog with a heart problem back home with only a slight change in medication until its regular appointment with the cardiologist on Thursday. Never mind that our ... for the lack of a better word apprentice cardiologist had a look at the x-rays and the dog as well, and even she already knows more about cardiology than the bitch. Colleague C is in the wards this week but she was told not to use the infusiomat that had already been cleaned and disinfected, but take one that had just been in use, so she could practice cleaning and disinfecting it properly. Which a) she knows how to do (as do all of us) and there was no indication that she'd failed to do so in the past and b) isn't even her job.

On another happy note, according to the newest numbers, even if I were to get twice as much money as I do for my shifts and the like, I'd still be officially under the poverty line.
I'm sure this shows something I just have no clue what.

In conclusion: *GrumbleMumbleBitchMoanGrumble*

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