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I'm so much better at being procacitive than waiting passivley...

After deciding (with the help of my flist) that no answer obviously means no on the Cambridge front, I feel much better. This isn't as paradox as it sounds, I swear.

While I'd have loved to get that job and I will be applying at all the places in the UK that offer an A&A residency next year, I don't mind working somewhere else until I've proven stubborn enough to get one of them.
So now the plan of action is as follows: find a translator and notary -> deal with the RCVS -> start applying for jobs in late August.
Steps in between include taking the IELTS, rewriting the CV *again*, waiting for the rabies-titer for the toad to come back, prepare the flatmates that whatever happens they'll be stuck with the toad at least until January, figuring out which places will most likely offer residencies next year and maybe finding someone to nominate me for AVA membership (this one optional, because I don't think I know any AVA members).


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