Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire (ridicully) wrote,
Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

Life busy. Oh, so busy.

So, the IELTS says I might just be able to communicate in English. Now I'm feeling better.
I know that it's silly but since I naturally tend to have way to much self-confidence, I've trained myself to require some kind of proof for anything I ever claim of being able to do adequately. It's not so much false modesty as the only way to keep my more annoying character traits under control.
And I love to be able to just write 8.5 in my CV and not having to search for words to explain my level of competency. I like numbers.

I'll be able to cross another item of my to do list on Tuesday. When I get back from London, I should be Ridicully, MRCVS.
Next step: Start applying for jobs.

The only problem with this point is, that Prof. Blub has offered me to stay in the clinic and be officially responsible for the anaesthesia. This doesn't sound so bad until you think it through. Me. Soley responsible for the anaesthesia 'department' of an university hospital. Excuse me while I panic. (Never mind that it's pretty much what I'm doing now, actually *saying so* freaks me out.)
And of course he's not willing to give me an actual contract (this is standard practice in the clinic. Only 9 of our over 20 vets actually have contracts. We try not to think about it) but finance it in one of the obscure ways people are payed in that clinic. And as I've said, I really like numbers. Not being able to really rely on getting my money on time is not something I enjoy. (Mostly, people get their due. It's just that one can't really plan with these vague agreements).

Also, M. is trying to convince me to stay. And not being Ms Social, having friends who actually want me to stay here (however self-serving their motives) is not as insignificant as I'd like it to be.
Staying at least one more year would also mean that I could try to get my Fachtierarzt für Kleintiere (specialisation for small animals).
On the other hand, working in that clinic is unhealthy. I know that.
Gah. What to do.

I think I've more or less decided to just apply for any upcoming residencies that I'd really like to do and see how being my own little anaesthesia department works out in practice until someplace is willing to take me on. If neither works out, I'm relatively sure I can find some regular job relatively quick.

Oh, and did I mention, Cambridge actually did send a rejection mail. They just took about a month to answer. Good to know for the future.

And now, I'm going to read my flist for a while and wait for the call that tells me whether or not we have to operate an ileus today.

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