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Prof. Blub, master of the bait and switch. Who is surprised?

Good Prof. Blub decided to forget that he explicitly asked me to stay at the clinic to cover anything anaesthesia. Apparently even the fact that one week later he tried to convince me to try for an alternate residency, because I said I didn't want to stay too long because I want to do a residency at some point, slipped his mind.
I told him I thought it was logistically impossible for me to only do anaesthesia, but he didn't beleive me when I told him. And now? He'd probably claim to not remember that as well.
And of course he doesn't remember telling me that he'll somehow pay me. Why would he?

So, what did he say yesterday? Oh, after his question if I intended to stay longer his first question was how I was going to pay for my living. Of course I couldn't answer that because it wasn't exactly the question I was expecting. Which gave him the opportunity to generously offer to pay me via one of the stipends he's promised us for over a year now. For that he wants me to go back on the generally duty roster.

Did I say "Hell no!"? No I didn't because I can't speak up for myself in situations like this.
One of these days I'l learn to stand up for myself and not just for others. This is really a very annoying character trait.
But at least my frank answer why I work only one type of emergency shifts and not all of them, ("Because Prof. Bitch doesn't want me to") resulted in an argument between the both of them and now I'm allowed to work them all.

No matter, since I really don't want to go back on the rotation system (not because I don't like it, but because it would give Prof. Bitch too much of a hold on me), I'm just going to ignore that he told me I should have myself put back on the roster. That's the advantage of working in such an unorganized place.
I'm just going to do my thing, come in every day and see how long this works. I think it might work for a pretty long time, as long as I'm seen working (and he hasn't told the Bitch about that plan).

I'm looking forward on how much Prof. Blub won't like my "Oh, did I say I was going to stay? Must have forgotten that." once I find a better place to work.
Of course this is kind of dependent on actually finding a place that will take me on and finishing the diss so he doesn't have that much control over me any more, but I'll worry about that when I come to it.

Unrelated: I cut my hair. Or rather, I tried to and it turned out just slightly too short. Oh well, I'll live and it will grow back again.

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