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Ok, do I speak French or what?

It's a good thing the heating in the cafeteria building on our campus is to be changed in the next weeks.
Our student representations 'office' is in this building. So we get new heating too.
No problem so far.
They'll need the key for the room - not so good because all the stuff we sell (rubber gloves, transcripts,...) is stored there. But we were assured that the firm doing the work is well known and trustworthy. Hmmm Ok, if you say so.
Still no problem.
They want to have a look this week to check if we need to move things to make room.
Also OK.

I sent a mail trying to find a good time to meet ...how about Friday, anytime but between 10:15 and 11:15?... Because this is the time I have the one course I absolutely have to go.

I just got a mail back ...Let's meet Friday between 10:15 and 11:15 please...

*Starts mailing everyone else who has a key to this room, asking what they'll be doing tomorrow at 10:15*
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