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Sure I can do that

All right. It's Saturday, 9:45 am, and my plane leaves Monday at 12:15 pm.
In between now and then, I have to:

  • Buy presents for my father, my uncle and about five friends
  • Do the laundry (five loads, give or take)
  • Move from my current flat to the new one

This, of course, is not only completely doable, but not at all stressful. At least that's what I tell myself.

In between I also should pack my bags for the week at the parents and figure out a way to get 26 GBP to London.
This might just prove to be the most complicated item on the to do list. I can pay the membership fee of the RCVS via credit card without any troubles, but paying this registration fee for a continuing education course can only be done via cheque (which no bank in Germany provides any more) or direct debit (which is only possible from the UK). I think I'll resort to just putting cash into an envelope and hoping they'll accept it.

Other than that, I'm only at skip=250 on the flist, don't have to work for 8 days and feel amazingly mellow.

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