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Should I laugh?

Found through my friends page:
Bild Zeitung the German newspaper most likely to be blown up by me some day, just because they are so stupid.
This article - "Does reading HP turn you gay?"
With this kind of headline how could I resist to read it?

As if re-translating would be any help.
Especially if I'm the one retranslating.</p>

Critic states hidden message
Does Harry Potter turn you gay?

London - Is Harry Potters wand a phallic symbol, the chamber of secrets a meeting point for homosexuals and wizard-in-training Harry actually gay?
At least that's what literary critic Michael Bronski says in the magazine "Boston Phoenix". "The plot reads like a typical story of gay background."
His supposed proof:
- In the Potter books, all wizards are wearing violet or green clothes. "These are the colours associated with homosexuality," Bronski writes, "that's just the way it is."
-The foster-parents of Harry Potter: "They call themselves 'normal', while Harry and the wizards are 'abnormal' - Outsiders like gays"
- None of the teachers at Hogwarts is married
- Till Harry learns of his true identity, he lives in a closet - in English the phrase 'coming out of the closet' means 'out yourself as gay'.
- In the new Potter, Harrys fat cousin Dudley teases Harry because he mentioned the name Cedric in his sleep. "Who's Cedric - your boyfriend? he asks maliciously.
- In the following row, so Bronski, Dudley seems to have an homosexual panic attack when Harry draws his wand: "Don't point that thing at me," he shouts repeatedly.
- Harrys wand - for Potter-critic Bronskis it's clearly a phallic symbol. When a witch finds out that Harry can conjure a living being out of his - not only "vapor and smoke" she's amazed. In another chapter Harry is even told by an house*owl* to "put the thing back in his trousers".

While Bronski says, he doesn't belive that Potter creator JK Rowling meant the books to be a "gay metaphor" he also says: "In the most recent book she seems to be playing even more with a gay interpretation of the story."
Author Joanne K.Rowling is cited to be "surprised" and said "These ideas are absolutely baseless"

I thought the cited text sounded familiar - could be because I read it some weeks ago, There's something about Harry
Maybe it's just me (I have a problem with detecting deeper meanings) but I do get the feeling they completely missed the point of the original article.

In a way that's like this game - something is translated again and again. If it's done often enough, nobody will know the original meaning any more.

Why there are now thoughts of the Bible in my head, I really don't know

Ohh, just because I can't have a whole entry without some senseless complaining:
When my tyre was flat again on Wednesday, I decided I'll try the shop at my parents - after neither me nor the Leipziger repair-station seemed to be able to fix it properly. This means I have to walk a lot. I don't like walking.

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