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Hi, this is [info - personal] ridicully or Alex, who used to post here occasionally.

That is until work killed her dead and she made a deal with herself not to post any more until the first complete draft of the dissertation was out of her hands. I've been reading and - very occasionally - commenting on dreamwidth and intend to catch up on LJ as well. But, the point is...
I turned in the first draft. I don't have any control over when Prof. Blub will read it, but it's out of my hands. Dear gods but the words "Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung des Grades eines Doktors der Veterinärmedizin" scare me to death.

Now, in an attempt to avoid freaking out completely, I'm going to have a bath, sleep for a few hours and enjoy the rest of the day (I worked the night shift today, hence the having the day off.)
Expect much babbling to happen around here for the next while.

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