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After quiet follows rambling

First of all, thanks to everyone for the conga rats!

While I'm not finished with the diss by far, waiting for Prof. Blub to read it, is something completely different to not having written it yet. It feels good.

After my very frazzled entry, I had a very nice birthday. Boring, but nice. Long bath with silly book (reread Pope Joan, still not particularly good but enjoyable nonetheless), which I hadn't allowed myself until I finished either (books, not the baths) sleeping for a few hours in a freshly made bed, more reading, dinner with M. (no one else could make time to come, such are the joys of our place of work) - on our own our conversation tends to the awkward, live was easier in Kindergarten when it was still possible to say "I like you, can I be your friend?" without having to justify it - and did a clean install of Karmic Koala on Lachesis.

Today I avoided killing the Bitch Queen From Hell once again (barely), saw a Boa throw up 70cm of carpet and a dead rat and our head surgeon fix his trousers with Backhaus clamps.
I live a surreal live at the best of times.

Now to finish setting up the computer with everything I want, start on the case report, maybe read the articles for the journal club tomorrow and most importantly acquire all the TV series I did not watch in the last six months (or maybe I'll wait until the weekend, I might get pimped something new at the Querstrich meeting...)
Oh! I nearly forgot. I need to play around on Google Wave for a bit as well. Most of it sounds so cool, I've wanted to try it out for a few months already.

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