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I can't really tell if what I'm talking about are spoilers or not.

I don't know if short and superficial posts are better than no posts at all, but since they're the best I can manage, the question really is irrelevant.

Anyway, even though I live in a cave and didn't realize it was time for another episode of Doctor Who already, I really liked Waters of Mars once I noticed (because my circle started raving) and downloaded it.

I always like the Doctor's exuberance, even when it has a more than manic note in it.
And the drama was good drama.

Talking about it without a cut isn't going so well, but I'm too tired busy lazy to look up if I remember the code correctly, so 'I liked it. I *really* liked it' will have to do.

And now that I've posted the entry before I meant to, I'll wander off and search for new icons, because I've been feeling like it.

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