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I could climb the walls right now

I'm at my parents. Arrived on one of the last flights before they decided to shut down Europe's second largest airport because of the weather.
I wasn't very happy about my flight being delayed about 1.5 hours when I had a friend drop me off at 2:30am, because waiting for 5:30 at the airport wouldn't be as bad as getting up at 3:30 to go there, anyway.

Aside from the usual craziness, my family is grumpy that I leave again very early on the 25th even though I've told them about that before I even booked my flights. But that's just how my family works.
I'm quite happy with only four days here. I love my family very much. I just can't stand all of them for very long. I *like* living on my own.

Seeing how I have to work the night shifts on the 26th and 27th and promised M and F to help them (day shift on the 25th and night shift on the 25th respectively) I don't see much relaxation in the next few days.
And I could need some. I'm going slowly mad here (well, mad-er). I'm fed up with my job, I want to work in the UK next, but I've not yet made any more concrete plans. And that's not good for my 'need to plan everything carefully' mind.
Also, I want to apply in London. Question is, do I go for the 'completely unattainable and no-way I'll get it' job, or the 'chances are still slim, but it might just work' job? Just to make it clear, the point is not to get a job as a vet in the UK, that, I'm pretty sure, even I can manage. The question is, do I make the my falling down on my face as spectacular as possible before settling for something passable or do I only stretch a bit and see if I can reach?
Applying for both is not really an option, getting even two references will be a bit of a problem, thanks to Prof. Blub's insanity.

And since this is going round and 'round and 'round in my brain while I'm in a babbling mood anyway, you get an entry that even I am not quite sure what it's about.

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