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A new year. 365 shiny new days to mess up :D

After the first day of the new year is nearly over, even I do manage to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I spent the day mostly with sleeping, taking a walk in the snow (OMG so much snow) and catching up on my circle and flist.
Quite lazy, but I like lazy occasionally.

New years resolutions are not really my thing, but I noticed some time ago when searching something on my LJ, that somehow I managed to write entries that were, while certainly not riveting masterpieces of literature, certainly easy enough to read. And amazingly enough, rereading them can be even fun, and brings back memories. So, my kind of new years resolution is this: Write more entries like that again, not only manic-panicy braindumps. Though these have their place of course, this is after all a LJ DW-journal-thingy.

New Years Eve I spent first with J., her boything and a few friends, and afterward, when they and the others wanted to go to the Brandenburger Tor for the fireworks, with my second main group of friends - aka my colleagues. That part was spent mostly sulking. Because, while I'm mostly over The Crush, having one of my best friends decide that spending what's probably my last New Year in Berlin with us would be too much of a bother (no, he didn't have better plans as far as I know) annoyed me.
I'm not one for big parties myself, but how hard can sitting around eating and talking until midnight and then excusing yourself early (as I did) really be? Idiot.
Oh well, I got over it as usual.

Starting tomorrow, I have a lot of things to do before I have the night shift again on Sunday. So I better end this now and prepare the picspam I've been planning on for some time.
Also, I still have the newest Doctor Who to watch, just to see for myself how bad it really is.

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