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Didn't freeze to death!

So, everyone told us we were lunatics to go camping in the cold. And you know what? They didn't even come close to the real problem. The problem lies in skiing for hours with a rucksack (and kind of getting lost for a while) and then realizing that no matter the cold, if you sleep on the floor with your muscles aching like this, you'll not be able to get up in the morning, let alone move.

Hence us skipping the camping bit. Which annoys my inner child a little bit ("But I WANT to") but is really the most reasonable decision. Especially since colleague M is the one of us both who will freeze more easily and I have to consider that as well. I don't want my go-to-guy for crazy stuff like this to come to harm after all *g*.

No matter, I still loved every second of the whole thing. Even when we got lost and realized that we were actually walking through a bit of swamp. Which was barely frozen over. In the dark.

I need to do something like that again soon!

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