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I never wear white, but I own over thirty simple white t-shirts.

At work, we go through a lot of scrubs in a day. And white coats. And lots of other items of clothing.
When I say a lot, I mean a lot. Over 20 vets, about 15 nurses, 8 to 10 students and the occasional volunteer get bleed, shit, drooled, pissed, vomited and shed on. Ultrasound gel, disinfectant and plain dirt are also in abundance. On a bad day, I could change four to five times.

Now imagine the fun times it brings when we run out of clean clothes because our laundry firm is going bankrupt/on strike/lazy/whatever.

If you're expecting to wear scrubs the whole day, you generally don't put much thought in what you wear below.
I'm certainly not the fashion police, but that were some really strange looks today. Sadly, tomorrow everyone will be better prepared.

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