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Rumination usually produces lots of gas. Figures.

Yesterday, my nurse asked me if I'd seen the new Merlin. Umm. Yes, you could say that. Saw, squeed, laughed... take your pick.
But it's kind of disconcerting to have work and fandom mix like that out of the blue. Is laughing like mad about the "little bottom" comment something you can admit among non-fangirls?

Otherwise, I'm still running circles in my own mind. Leaves me feeling restless.
My parents visiting didn't help. Neither did my uncle dying on the first day they were here.
Since the priest was on holiday the funeral was today, which made it impossible for me to attend. This also didn't help.

Amazingly enough, Mindbloom is actually helping me getting some things done and some kind of order into my thousand projects.
For example , I'm slowly working through my Photos. I'm also working on my CPD certificate, my personal fitness plan, and lots of other things.
I seem to be missing a proper, all-encompassing aim at the moment. This might explain the restlessness. Hmm.

Anyway. In an attempt to make coherent entries again, I might do the '30 days all about me in excruciating detail' meme.
We'll see.

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