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Allllll right. Let's try this "posting occasionally" thing.

I sort of realised today that if I don't write something here, updates won't magically appear. So I'd better start on this posting thing again.

Right. I hope everyone had a nice couple of days, celebrated whatever holiday you do and wasn't too bothered by the weather.

Personally, I left work on the 22nd and drove to Heathrow because they pretended to have sorted themselves out enough to let my plane leave. I'm still impressed how completely Europe's largest airport manages to break down after a bit of snow. Four days after they had to shut down the airport completely and they still had everyone at my terminal wait *outside* until the people guarding the doors deemed them worthy to enter. Overcrowding fair enough, but there has to be a better way than the marquee they put up on the bus lane. And that despite only people who's flights for that day had been confirmed as not canceled by their airline were even there. Madness.
But my plane made it out with only minor delays and I got to spend two days at my family's. I even managed to get back to London on the 24th, though Fraport had been blessed with about 5cm of new snow at that point and more was still falling.
Since then, it was mostly work (24th night, 25th day, 26th day, today and tomorrow night again) but as I'm over here anyway and missing the family get-togethers, I might as well work.
I don't mind much, and I really like my work. But I have to say, the big boss of the company calling every single clinic on the 25th and thanking the staff for working on the holidays is kind of awesome and making the day just a bit brighter.

Anyway, I have an enormous pile of filing/to-do/deal-with stuff on my desk and want to get a start on that before I leave for work, so I'll stop here as not to exhaust my newfound posting energy on the first entry.
Hope everyone enjoys the quiet time before the new year starts up.

P.S. Amazon UK has amazing offers on DVD boxed sets at the moment. They are evil, but all three seasons of Star Trek TOS for less than 40£ is hard to beat...

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