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Fundamentally bored at work, good time to write an e̶n̶t̶r̶y̶ braindump

I *could* be doing the online cpd thing I've been doing the last few days, but as this weeks topic is very internal medicine based I just don't care enough.
So, time for a rambling 'What's going on in my life' post.

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but in September I've switched jobs. I'm still working emergency/out of hours only, but for a much better salary and on a more flexible rota.
Meaning I work 13 shifts a month on average and can arrange them however I like best. I can also work even more shifts if I feel like it and get that overtime paid off every three months.
Considering that my luck in having quiet shifts continues (WHY? I actually *like* busy nights.) and as such the days after a work night aren't actually lost to me, I've been having so much free time and money as never before.

I'm kind of afraid to write about it because, to return to my favourite juggling metaphors, I feel like I'm doing a perfect seven ball mills mess or cascade and am 1. afraid to draw attention to it because it might jinx it and 2. very aware that if I do it will be bragging, no matter how justified.

But yeah, lots of free time at the moment. As mentioned before I've started to acquire hobbies.
Have a list of them:

  • Huberta the BMW boxer. I still need to remove her final drive and get the engine lifted so I can have the frame sandblasted and powder coated.
  • I've also taken up knitting, which so far has resulted in a scarf, a sleeveless jumper and a half done baby blanket. I'm sure one of my acquaintances will spawn at some point and I'll be able to get rid of that one then. I've also acquired a waiting list of people who want me to produce mitts or jumpers for them. I'm quite happy about that.
  • While knitting I mainline TV shows. I'm nearly done with the whole of West Wing and have Blackadder and ER waiting. I'm thinking about adding MASH to the list as well. Amazon's DVD sales are *evil*.
  • I've also agreed to run a half marathon in June. Never mind the fact that I hate running. And am very out of shape. Also, a week after the running, I'll most likely do a 5K free water swim. Because I'm apparently completely mad.
  • But yeah, because I might be able to force a 5 or even 10 km run without much if any training, but not a half marathon, I've started to go for at least a 30 min run every day. I'll increase the time and start aiming for a good speed later, right now just running every day is enough. Amazingly enough, it gets easier with training. Who would have thought?.
  • Since this is England and I run on public footpaths, I've also changed gyms so I can now actually go easily there if it gets too muddy. I actually prefer 5km on muddy fields covered in dung (because spring is here) to the same time on a treadmill though. But I still love weights.
    Would also love the sauna after training, but certainly not the prudish dress code.
  • I also have a long list of London sights I'm slowly working through on my days off and have plans to spend a couple of days in most national parks this spring and summer.
  • Appearances to the contrary, I'm also staying very up to date on my cpds. I want to finish the further qualification certificate I've enroled in a couple of years ago this or the next year and am actively thinking about doing a distance learning degree in business administration or something silly like that afterward. Because I. am.l bored.

Yes, that's my biggest problem at the moment. Boredom.
I've even nearly completed most of my geeky computer schemes. The only thing I might still buy is a nettop to use as a media centre/streaming platform in the living room, but that's not really an urgent requirement.
Hmm. On my next trip to Berlin, I'll pick up the MacBook Air I had a friend order for me (need my native QWERTZ keyboard) and then I'll get to play for a while again until everything is settled to my satisfaction, but after that? I might look into basic programming again, just to give me something to do.

As I said, this is more bragging about how good my life is than anything else, I'm aware of that. But I needed something to do and all this has been bouncing around in my head taking up space for a while now.

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