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Of course I'll not notice the bit of Cornflake that dropped into my coffee until I'm trying to drink the last bit of it in one go. I might stop harking like a cat coughing up a hairball soon, but I give no guarantees.

And now that the mental plug of that last entry is gone (I do that all the time, mentally working on an entry and then not being able to post about anything else because my brain is still working on that other thing.) I can go back to more regular brainless blathering.

Recently, while watching all of The West Wing, my DVD player (it's quite old and temperamental -that's why the media centre/streaming pc is an actual plan instead of a geeky fancy) absolutely refused to play one episode, so I got out the CDs with the .avis [personal profile] kriski gave me years ago.
I know I watched nearly the whole series of those then, but *how* is a mystery to me. The difference in quality is amazing.
Now I feel the need to go and search for some Star Trek TOS that should still be around here somewhere on video tapes. Just to appreciate the improvement from then.

I also had a look at the WW fanfic. Looking back at a fandom years after it closed is always interesting to me and seeing some of the stories with the knowledge of later seasons is quite funny. Doesn't make the good ones bad though.
*goes back to haunting archives*

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