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I'll just have to write an entry about a bit of what's going on at the moment now - however incomplete it will be - because otherwise I'm most likely never ever going to post again. And we don't want that, right?
I *am* religiously reading my DW and LJ reading pages every day, I'm just not talking. Something I'm saying in every entry I manage to force out, I know.

Not touching on a lot of things I've done since February (Really? How is time passing this quickly?), but since the /-Treffen (Which was also more than a month ago? Argh!) I've done a couple of working marathons - six nights of work, one day off, repeat - because I'm a crazy person and like my job a lot, even if I'm constantly complaining.
And after that I started my crazy month of June.

This includes, but is not limited to a half marathon, dogsitting and about six flights all over Europe.

  • First it was off to The Netherlands for the yearly EVECCS congress. Since Gatwick seems to be the designated airport for flights to Amsterdam and the congress started in the morning I was up at 3 in the morning, driving halfway 'round the M25, on a plane by six, in Amsterdam at 8, on the train to Utecht at quarter to 9 and in Utrecht at about 10, because I'd managed to catch the one train that didn't go directly to Utrecht but drove halfway through Holland first and stopped at every village. The bus ride to the university took another twenty minutes and thus I missed the first three lectures. Afterward I dozed off in about two more and skipped the last two to get to my hotel on time, so that day was obviously very pointless.
    But hey, I got my CPD hours and to be honest nothing but the abstract sessions at these things is really new. Just a nice refresher.
  • Later that day was one of the social functions of the congress. I hate those. But on the other hand, boat ride through the canals and dinner beats sitting on my own in my hotel room. So I went, made a fool of myself in front of the important people in my favourite field of work - as every year - and took about 200 photos of pretty Utrecht landscape. There's a lot of that there.
  • Next day was just congress as usual. Lots of breaks for food and chatting of course and I will have to convince some of my colleagues to come next year, because that part is so much more fun if there are people you want to talk with.
    No, I really don't do the networking thing very well. But I had my eBood reader. So I might have been antisocial, but at least not bored.
  • After sneaking out of the general meeting on Saturday, half an hour after it was supposed to end and still getting evil looks for it, and doing the whole bus, train, plane thing to get back to Gatwick, I got to my car at about 22 and was supposed to pick up my two visitors at Stansted at 23. Which shouldn't be too difficult, right?
    And it wouldn't have been if some bright person had not decided to reduce the M25 from three lanes to one just into Essex. 10 minutes of being stuck later, everyone was slowly driving again in the one lane. For about a mile, when they gave us the other two lanes back. Only to reduce it back down to one not even two miles later. Cue lots of annoyed drivers, some of them apparently from an oldtimer meeting in cars with gear shifts outside, no roof, light or heating. Those looked especially happy to be stuck non-moving for 20 minutes again and then crawling for ten more miles.
    Let's just say I did not make my 23:00 target. Once I'd picked everyone up, got back to the M25 and finally home it was about 1.
  • And then we spent about two hours chatting, filling the iPod visitor 1 had had for two months and still not managed to synch with her computer and generally being not tired or sensible at all.
  • Because at 7 it was time to get up again, get into the car and drive to Dorset for our half-marathon.
    The Great Shaftesbury Run
    Which was great, even though we really had to force ourselves to start in the heavy rain. And sadly the rain did not stop even once during the whole run.
    But all three of us finished, which we didn't expect, having stopped training in early May or not having trained at all, and we didn't even come in last!
  • Run finished, completely drenched we made our way back to my place where we collapsed on the sofa, watched telly and ate as much Indian takeaway as we could.
  • At four the next morning it was time to get visitor 1, back to the airport. And afterward drag visitor number two all through London. Mostly walking. As you do after having run a half marathon the day before.
  • After that relaxing day, visitor two insisted on coming to work with me despite my warnings of utter boredom being likely. We did indeed only see one patient that night, but I did warn her.
  • The next day included walking a bit in St Albans, lazing on the sofa and watching telly/dozing before getting visitor 2 to the airport and me to work again.
  • Since then I've only had to house- and pet-sit for one of our nurses - but her dogs, though lovely, are absolutely mental, her cats disappear occasionally just to worry me and her chicken are chicken - so these last days were not as relaxing as I would have liked. And I had to work weekend days which I absolutely hate.
  • But now I'm free of pets again, and only have to fiddle with the MacBook Pro I've been saddled with. It's old and seemed dead, but at least in target mode it boots up fine. My task is to figure out what part of the hardware has died and if its worth replacing. I love these jobs, but obviously have no training or clue what I'm doing, so its mostly googling and trying until it works. Yes, I enjoy it a lot :P
  • After two more nights of work I'll be off to Berlin for three days. I'll have to manage two to three separate groups of friends, none of which like making plans and all of which insist on seeing me. I suspect this will involve a lot of me cursing the BVG.
  • Once I'm back from that bit of fun. (It is. Really. Just ... not precisely relaxing) it's four nights of work and then off to Gibraltar.
    Why Gibraltar? Because flights were cheap and I've never been there. Worst case scenario, I spent four days at the pool in the sun reading ebooks. But I've got my camera and there are apes and landscape, I'm sure I will find something to do with myself.

Wow, that was ... wordy. And rambling. Business as usual I guess.

July is looking to be fairly quiet in comparison. Only a hen party (Why this obsession with weddings, Brits? I don't get it!), some random hiking in the New Forrest and that's it. Until I start to get bright ideas again.
But since I've just ordered a Roomba (I shouldn't look at Groupons. But in my defense, I need a new hoover anyway and the reduced price is pretty much what I would pay for a mid range Dyson too. And it's not even that much more than the ubiquitous Henry) one of my bright ideas will probably be to watch the floor being cleaned. And I'm ok with that.

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