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Been a couple of months once again?

I definitely suck at updating anymore. I partly blame my need to complain about stupid clients/PDSA clients/stupid PDSA clients/clients in general. I love my job but I hate people. Nothing new there I guess. But it gets boring after a couple of repetitions

I'm halfway through my insane 12 night shifts in a row. For which I have no one to blame but myself because M. would never put me on the rota for more than five in a row without me asking for it. And just because twelve 15h+ nights one after the other weren't enough, I decided to to do a couple of them not in my usual practice, but a place that is usually much more busy.
Madness, pure and simple.

Sleep deprivation makes me babble more than usual. So let's see if I can use that to update some more.

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