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What is this abomination?

So, in an attempt to kitten-proof my flat (as noticed by a lot of people on my last entry, he is extremely cute. I promise I'll try to limit the crazy cat-owner talk) I decided on a trip to Ikea to replace the Ivar shelf I've been using for everything computer related so far with something closed that would not provide such an exciting rope course made of cables.

Found a TV bench that looked ok on the website, checked availability at Ikea Tottenham/Edmonton got no errors so left home begrudgingly (I had just finished my 12 nights in a row that morning with a call and incoming patient at 04:15) at about 16:00 to drive there.

Of course traffic stopped on the M25 as soon as I left the slip road. But still, I only had to get to the next exit, the weather was nice, so I opened the window and enjoyed the sun while crawling towards my goal.
Once I arrived there and made it to the showroom part with the TV benches I couldn't find the one I was looking for, only the bigger brother. Since the tab was telling me to contact a member of staff anyway I wasn't worried. I'd just tell him that I wanted the smaller one, no problem, right?
Well, turned out that store doesn't even stock the smaller bench. Which the website would have told me, if it had worked with Opera at all and not just failed miserably without telling me so. Why does the world hate my favourite browser? Why does it hate me?
But joy, Ikea Wembley should have it in stock. Great. By now it's nearly 18:00 and I'm supposed to drive through even more of the outskirts of London. I've never been so grateful for my really good sense of direction and ability to navigate.
Made it there at some point, managed to get some staff person to order it from wherever it is stored, and had to kill 20 more minutes waiting for it to be brought to the collection desk.

And now to the important part: Why are they not offering onions, pickles or even mayonnaise for the Ikea hot-dogs in the UK? These are the things that make these hot-dogs great instead of the most boring kind of food ever!

This is seriously the bit that annoyed me most about the whole day. Get me stuck in traffic as long as you want, but I want pickles on my hot-dog for my troubles.

So, today I put the shelf together, put it in place and equipped with all the extension cords it needs. I guess the kitten will need to find some other way to try and kill itself now.
Also managed to get a haircut and generally just veg out in front of the computer otherwise. I definitely needed that day off.
And tomorrow it's off to a couple of museum stores to find some nice postcards, get some climbing in on the way home and in the evening, back to work. My life is so exciting.

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